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Variety and Style in Mangalsutras and Other Necklaces


A mangalsutra signifies the married status of Indian women. Despite the growing popularity of designer jewelry, mangal sutras have retained their popularity among married women in India. Today, mangal sutras not only hold religious significance, they can be worn as fashion accessories as well. So, they can help married women adapt to new styles of dressing to match their personality. To satisfy their changing fashion preferences, jewelers have come up with interesting designs of mangal sutras in recent times. Some of them are mentioned below: –

Golden and Black Metal and Beads Bridal Mangalsutra

A perfect bridal accessory, the Golden and Black Metal and Beads Bridal Mangalsutra is made from Golden and Black metal and beads. The USP of these beads lies in their intricate beads, stonework, and floral style. The mangal sutra matches well with traditional outfits and can help you sport the look of a perfect Indian bride. The mangal sutra is light weight, highly durable and suitable for wearing on social occasions. It is available within a reasonable range and is suitable for women who are looking for a stylish mangal sutra within their budget.

Off-white and Black Stone and Beads Bridal and Party Mangalsutra

Specifically meant for wearing at marriages and social occasions, this mangal sutra is a perfect embodiment of feminine beauty and excellent craftsmanship. Designed and developed after meticulous scrutiny of the existing designs of mangal sutras, it comes with stone and bead work. It is meant for the modern women of today, who want to make their presence felt wherever they go. Be the trendsetter in marriages and social gatherings with stone and bead-based mangal sutra.

Off-white and Black Alloy, Stones and Metal Party Mangalsutra

A perfect foil for any type of party wear, this mangal sutra has been created using American Diamonds, alloy, black beads, abstract worked pendant and floral work. A pair of matching tops forms a perfect match with this mangal sutra. Its graceful design goes well with the preferences of ladies who have a liking for both ethnic and western outfits. So it can be worn at offices parties, marriages, anniversary parties, festive occasions etc.

Black and Off-white Stone and Beads Bridal and Party Mangalsutra

Made from a combination of black and off-white beads, this necklace set stands out because of its exquisite stone work, floral work, leaf work and beads work. A perfect accessory for wearing at marriages and parties, it goes well with any type of ethnic or casual wear. Created by experienced jewelers using high-quality stones and beads, it will prove to be a great asset to your jewelry collection. It is light weight and therefore will provide you with optimum comfort for long hours.

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