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Did Theresa May Wear Saree on Her First Day As PM?

teresaTheresa May took over the position of Prime Minister of Britain after the previous minister resigned. This surely not the reason why she is a common discussion topic in different social networks. There was a post on prominent social networks that claimed that Theresa wore Sari on her first day as the Prime Minister.

The Post That Went Viral

Source: Dailymail
Source: Dailymail

Theresa May’s image shared on social networks with a line stating that Theresa wore Sari on her first day in PM’s office. It further added that even many Indian women do not do that. This post gave helped Theresa stay in the limelight. However, the truth behind this image is more shocking.

The Sari was a beautiful Georgette sari of the light sky blue shade. It looked awesome on her fair complexion. The sari even had tiny embellishments to add to the look.

Impact of the Post on Indian Youth

The image has sure touched many hearts and has become an inspiration for many others. The Indian youths are convincing their mates to take inspiration from this great lady. The saree is now in vogue.

While women abroad hesitated to wear Sari or other Indian attires, today they wear these drapes in style. They wear colourful saris and Indian dresses with pride.

The Truth Behind the Image

So what is the truth behind the image? Did the Prime Minister of UK really wear a Sari on her first day of taking charge? Well no! If you observe the image carefully, you will observe the background. It definitely does not seem to be the background of some political house.

The fact is that Theresa May did wear this Indian attire but that was 6 years back.

She had adorned this beautiful Sari in the year 2010 when she was heading for an Award Function. That is the reality behind this picture.

This is Not The First Time

The whole thing is definitely not surprising. Theresa May often wears Indian attires while attending Indian functions. The best example we give here is of the Asian Rich List Launch. Theresa May was also present for this function.

She had worn a beautiful Salwar Kameez on this occasion. The contrasting shade of the Indian outfit made her look a lot younger.

Important Lesson To Learn

We do not need someone else to set an example so that we may follow suit and wear Indian attires. Indians should learn to be proud of their attires and adornments. Unless we take pride, the world will never even take notice of us.

We need to spread awareness about our unique attires and the significance of each in our culture.

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