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Friendship Day Celebration and Gift Ideas

friendshipsFriendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August each year. This is celebrated around the world among people of different age groups. Friendship Day is often celebrated in style in most schools and colleges. The day celebrates the sweet bond of friendship between people. It started off in the United States of America in the year 1935. The celebration has acquired a global nature over the years.

Ideas for Celebration of Friendship Day

friendship-day-celebrationsThe people around the world celebrate the friendship day in many different ways. The most popular way is surely by tying a band of friendship around the wrist of friends. The band is said to signify the bond. Different colors of these bands indicate the depth of each bond.

Unique Bands to Indicate the Bond of Friendship

friendship-day-wristbandsDifferent colors of friendship bands indicate different levels of closeness. For instance, a yellow band signifies best friendship while a pink friendship band indicates affectionate friendship. A red friendship band from a person from the opposite sex can actually mean love.

Today, the bands do not stay limited to just colored satin ribbons. Girls often create attractive loom bands as friendship bands. These bands are made from rubber bands and look extremely impressive.

Interesting Gift Ideas for your Close Friends

In the modern hectic life, people barely get to meet their friends or near and dear ones. Such occasions provide you an opportunity to get in touch with old pals. Life is different after college days and so are the expectations. When you meet friends, you should make sure you carry good gifts that make your friends happy. Here we have listed out some interesting and modern gift ideas for your friends:

Ethnic Indian Attires


There is nothing more impressive than attractive ethnic attires for women. The fairer sex love to look beautiful and draw all the eyes to themselves. If you do not have time to visit shops and pick the best attire, you can do the same online. Sareez has a vast collection of attractive ethnic attires online. You can compare the prices, check the materials used and then go for a dress that best suits your friend’s choice and your budget.

Heavy Accessories

womens-fashion-accessoriesIf you have to gift a female friend, heavy accessories are another option. You may opt for heavy metallic jewelry sets or even beautiful quilled or free form earrings. These look classy and women are sure to love these.

Wrist Watch

watchWhen you are choosing a gift for a man, nothing can be better than a good wrist watch. These are stylish and useful gifts for men.


penYou may also gift men expensive pens or branded ties. Men love such gifts and are sure to cherish these for a lifetime.

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