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Ethnic Traditional Attires in The Colours of The Nation on Independence day

independence-day-wallpaperIt is a great idea to opt for these colourful and stylish ethnic outfits when you wish to celebrate national festivals by showing patriotic fervour. Different people have different ways of exhibiting their love for nation. The traditional women in India enjoy wearing colours of the try colour to reveal their patriotism. Here are some traditional salwar suits and saris that are based on the Indian tricolour:-

Color-Blocked Salwar Kameez

Salwars and saris have been popular Indian ethnic outfits. It is one of the most simple, yet expressive ways to show your patriotism by donning the tricolor. The apparel is best suited for wearing on occasions such as Independence Day. Opt for a green churidar that comes with a self-embroidered white kurta. It will add more sophistication to your persona. Widen the dupatta to cover a major part of the body. It is a combination that will look best on you and make you stand apart from the crowd.

Leheriya Sari and Handloom Saree

This sari is best suited for ladies who would like to have a feminine yet contemporary look. It is a perfect apparel that you can wear on Independence Day to make an instant impression on onlookers. Usually, a leheriya sari or a handloom saree comes in two color combinations. Therefore, you have the option to go for a green and saffron, saffron and white or saffron and green colored sari. While selecting the blouse, opt for the third color of the Indian tricolor. But make sure to apply bindi. It will provide a perfect finishing touch and make you look like the ideal Indian woman you want to be.

Multi-colored dupatta


This apparel is a perfect option for ladies who have a strong liking for clothes that have an understated appeal. The leheriya dupatta comes with saffron, white and green hues and will make you look resplendent in your new avatar. But make sure that you opt for a white kurta which has no color shades while wearing a tiranga dupatta. You will be the center of attention wherever you go with a white kurta and churidar paired with a leheriya tricolor dupatta.

Printed Kurtis and Kurtas

kurta-for-men_origA suitable alternative for men who like casual outfits, the tricolor Kurtas will help you express your deepest feelings for your country in the best possible manner. But make sure that the Kurta doesn’t look too loud. By doing so, you can make sure that you show the utmost respect for the national flag from your heart and soul.

The colours of the tricolour do convey a special meaning. Saffron is a colour that depicts the courage and valour of the Indian soldiers who safeguard the borders. White has always been the colour that reflects people and unity. Green reveals the prosperity of our nation. The Chakra reveals the progress. Sporting these colours on Independence Day shows you still care for your motherland. Grab your ethnic look from the Sareez Freedom sale.

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