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How Disciple and Fitness Finally Paid Off

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We all know that Olympics is the one of the most prestigious sporting event held globally every four years where athletes from all over the world compete for success and international recognition. One such athlete representing India in gymnastics this year in Olympics 2016 is Dipa Karmakar. She has had a long trying career before making it to Olympics. Karmakar comes from a humble background, with her roots in Agartala, Tripura where she started her career in gymnastics at the age of 6. Bisweshwar Nandi has been her coach ever since.

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Early Years:

In the beginning Dipa’s feet were flat and this physically restrained her from performing her best as a gymnast. Extensive training and yoga practice helped her in developing arches on her feet which enabled her to improve her performance levels. Yes, Dipa has been practicing Yoga for a long time which has assisted her in reaching the Olympics. If you too want to flaunt your talent as a gymnast and reach the Olympics, try practicing Yoga along with other routines and a disciplined life. And with a busy schedule to follow on a daily basis, you can opt shopping for yoga wear online so that you can get started with your Yoga sessions.

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Dipa Karmakar started receiving the fruits of her labor in 2007 and bagged the Junior Nationals (held in Jalpaiguri) in the year 2008. In fact, she has won a total of 77 medals since 2007 which includes 67 gold medals-in state, national and international levels. Dipa also represented the country at the 2010 Commonwealth Games that was held in Delhi.

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Finally, Olympics:

A physically fit body attained through discipline and hard work helped Dipa Karmakar qualify at the Olympics 2016 finals vault event after passing the Test Event with flying colors and a score of 14.833. She is one of few gymnasts (fifth in Gymnastics history) in the world to have successfully attempted the Produnova Vault, which is generally referred to as the “death vault”. Although, she missed the Bronze medal narrowly, Dipa Karmakar has etched her name in the hearts of billions of Indians. She finished at the 4th position.

source: indianexpress

So, fitness is the key to great achievements in life and practicing Yoga can help you reach your goal of a fit body. Discipline and fitness go hand in hand to maintain a healthy body and who knows, one day you may end up winning a Gold medal at the Olympics!

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