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Anushka Sharma & Her 17 Kilo Lehenga – Exploring Gorgeous Bollywood lehenga styles

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source: filmibeat

A Lehenga weighing just above 17 kilos! And that’s not all. Pair it up with the jewelry, it’s close to 20 kilos. That’s right. Shooting a wedding song for her new movie did made things albeit “Mushkil” for Anushka Sharma. Reportedly, the female lead in Karan Johar’s upcoming film had a tough time carrying the dress, running up and down staircases. Well, we don’t blame the director or the costume designer for that reason.


Could you possibly imagine one single movie in the recent past where the Bollywood lehenga choli has been left out? Don’t sweat it. There is certainly no denying that traditional Indian wedding and lehenga telltale a proud and rich history that goes back years into its making. An exceptional choice as it is, lehengas are an absolute favorite for new brides who wants to look their best on their D-Day. Here’s a look at some of the most coveted Lehenga styles inspiring fashionistas and aficionados all around.
The Bollywood Touch

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Sense and sensibility put together, Bollywood has been the primary source of inspiration adopted into mainstream fashion. Visualize any Bollywood wedding scene and you will always find the girl decked up in a designer lehenga choli which is destined to simulate from reel to real.

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source: Weddings Eve

Undoubtedly, Bollywood-inspired lehengas are the most widely selling garments in the market in any wedding seasons. One can also explore a range of different styles, patterns, choice of fabric for Bollywood lehenga choli online.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

The A liners and the fish cuts

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Price: Rs14,150.50

Among the other most sought after lehenga designs, we have the fish cut and the A-line. The former is also called the mermaid style lehenga that receives fine designer stitches going all the way down to the knee and then slowly opening up at the very bottom of the dress itself. However, it’s certainly geared towards the slender breed than the average built.

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Price: Rs21,871.85

The A liners on the other hand offer a culmination of class and style in equal proportions and they come in a variety of shades and usually carry all over body embroidery. Usually, the preferred material for Bollywood lehenga choli are Georgette and Net fabric and is worn tighter towards your waistline and slowly broadens as you go down across the length of the dress.

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Price: Rs6,357.00

Other designer types to explore includes the jacket and the saree type lehenga which have also made a strong foray into wedding fashion, especially with younger women.

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