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The Wedding Colour Trend of 2016

We really do not want you to go behind what fashion gurus have to say without confirming you’re instinctive on the same, but what we desire you to do is to take a sneak peek of the wedding shade palettes. If you are the bride-to-be, around this year and somewhere in India, we will help you to select from a multitude of colors. So here go the Wedding color palettes for 2016.
Turquoise, Red and pink: For those who want a hippy wedding, colors such as sage and peach would be making a lot of news for romantic bohemian marriages and as one of the wedding color palettes for 2016. The look is that of a dreamy fine shade with a lot of color on the lines of sage, peach and hemlock elaborated.

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Sea foam and Peach: For the decoration, you could play with prints and textures, chalet for the booty style to come through and soft pinks if needed be for the aura to fix up with. Your wedding sarees, bridal gown, or lehenga could go on the similar track, should you glued to the theme colors too.

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Red and Gold: Most Indian marriages are performed outdoors, certainly in a garden or an open venue with a lot of greenery around. This is why the variation and theme for the color choice should be sophisticated and pleasant. People think of raspberry reds and gold which is the best and ideal option. For the aura, you would look for cozy reds and soft gold to decorate and fix up the atmosphere with. For the bride, we would desire to check with more of gold and motifs in reds likely for her wedding costume. The blend would certainly be a lovely one to have, less realistic and yet with an unusual chunky sense of its own to offer. You can also choose from baby blue, powder green, creams or dark reds and more.

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Mint, Emerald and gold: Winter wedding speaks of aristocracy and class, which means palettes for instance as midnight blues would be perfect for the winter saga. Gold and silvers can be included too, with emeralds, mint, plum and purple as well. The look that appears with these rich colors is that of class and majestic royal touches. So the Wedding attire will look apt with the aura.

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So, sarees for the wedding, lehengas and gowns for the wedding bride should be in best of colors according to the season and the ambiance to match up to her look with the atmosphere. We hope that you appreciate our bit of sneak peak on the color wedding palettes for 2016.

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