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5 Rules to Wear Thigh Slits The Right Way


Not all of us are built like supermodels and actresses. Slim physiques, miles of smooth long legs, perfect hourglass figure, a defined waist and abdomen-these are some fantasies that we daydream of! This may be the reason why, when we think of our gorgeous stars in their dazzling ensembles at events and functions we think to ourselves, “I can never wear that gown”.

Well, maybe not. But these styles can easily be translated to suit our body shapes and physiques. One of such style is the- thigh-high slit! Seen often in maxi dresses, floor-length skirts, full out gowns, a thigh- high slit adds the right amount of glamor for your perfect night out!

When done the right way, even a thigh-high slit can look sophisticated and subtle. So if you are ready to show off your legs a little, here are a few tips.

Keep the Fabric Light

Heavy fabric restricts movement. Skirts and gowns made of chiffon and other lightweight fabric would do the trick. The effortless fluidity of the garment will enhance the appeal of the slit, as your legs play peek-a-boo!


Choose the Right Shoe

Bared legs in a gown, with a clunky and chunky pair of shoes, are a mismatched pair. Keep your shoes or sandals sleek and lightweight for a perfect coordination.

Highlight the Waist

Be it a belt, a bejeweled cummerbund or a piece of fabric in contrasting color, defining your waist will further increase the “oomph” of the thigh- high slit of your maxi dress or evening gown.


Pick an Intriguing Neckline

Thigh high slits have a slimming effect on their own. If you prefer to complete the look further, choose a neckline that draws the eyes. A halter neck, scoop-neck or other innovative statement necklines will add on to your inches.1

Side Slit Subtlety

If you are not too sure of yourself and do not have the confidence to carry off a frontal thigh- high slit, go for a dress or a skirt with a side slit . It adds on to the drama without being too loud in the face.

The trend is cheerful and sexy, so enjoy as long as it lasts!


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