Bengali Wedding

Tips To Select the Best Wedding Jewellery Online or Offline

aishwarya-rai-indian-bridal-look-picMarriage is a very important occasion in the life of every INDIAN woman. From the time she grows up, a woman in India starts dreaming about her marriage ceremony. That is why what you wear and how you beautify yourself on the wedding day is of extreme importance. Selecting the right wedding jewelry takes time and efforts. So follow the tips listed below in order to make a better choice:

Start Your Hunt At least Four or Five Months Before the Big Day

genelia-dsouza-in-gehna-jewellers-1Yes, you need time to select anything that falls within your budget and fits your expectations too. Do not expect to find the perfect piece of jewelry at the very first attempt. You need to check out multiple options, compare prices, evaluate the deals and then decide which piece of jewelry you wish to purchase.

Fix Your Budget Before You Start the Hunt

Most people have a tough time managing their resources during a marriage or ceremony. This is because they do not plan their expenses beforehand. It is best to set aside a budget for your jewelry shopping. Once you have your budget in place, prepare a list of shops where you can find the jewelry you are seeking.

Choose the Bridal Attire and Select Jewellery to Match It

ef91b2d43e8aa40cc56a1dd294c40583While you may be pretty excited to purchase the jewelry first, it is a better idea to buy the bridal attire first. This will help you make a wise choice of jewelry that perfectly goes with the bridal outfit.

There are varying options in gold, silver, platinum and artificial jewelry to go with different INDIAN bridal attires like Lehenga, Ghagra, Salwar Kameez, Saree and Gowns. The designer options in wedding jewelry can also be customized to suit your special needs.

Look for Seasonal Discounts and Offers

sales_promotion_2015_0001Most jewelers have special discounts for the brides to be. You may also enjoy special concessions based on the dip in market prices of gold and silver. Keep looking for discounts and make the purchase when you feel the price suits your pocket and need perfectly.

Variations in Indian Bridal Jewellery

71gctvfgzbl-_aa1000_India is a nation of great variety. The way a bride dresses for marriage in one state varies greatly from the way she dresses in another state. This variation has also lead to multiple options in wedding jewelry for Indian brides. Here we have listed out some of the most popular forms of Indian wedding jewelry and the reason why these are popular:


latest-trends-of-kundan-jewellery-designs-for-women-4The Kundan jewelry is made from pure gold. Many prominent Bollywood celebrities have adorned these accessories to look even more appealing.


49a4334e23648e16c636f8decbf3a654The meenakari gold jewelry is a perfect pick for women who love to wear colorful accessories to match their bridal attires. These look classy with Indian traditional wear.


Lac bangles and other lac accessories are very common in many eastern states of India. When combined with Gold, these can stand out as attractive bridal jewelry.


This unique jewelry is made from glass stones, pacchi leaves and pearls. They look unique and are ideal for brides. This jewelry originated in Jaipur but is now popular among brides all over India.

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