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Marry in Style: Must Read for all Brides to be

source: Digital Shadi Weddings
source: Digital Shadi Weddings

By the time an Indian girl walks the aisle, she must had dreamed zillion times about her wedding dress! On numerous occasions of self-graciousness, she must have vowed before the mirror to outshine every other girl in town on her D-day, while ransacking weddings stores checking bridal lehenga designs with price. And that’s just the beginning of stylizing wedding apparel while cooking up a storm.

source: zeecinema
source: zeecinema

With a wide array of fabric choices, colours and bridal lehenga online, the Indian bride-to-be is certainly spoilt for choice while picking on her dress. Then again, with Indian weddings, you can’t seem to forget the ethnic quotient. However, at the same time, the very point of looking glamorous gains paramount amount of significance. Here’s a hands-on guide to flaunt your wedding lehenga in style!


Draping with the choli: Draping the choli right over the head with the other corner still being tucked at the hipline, creates a very bold look. On the other hand, one can also choose to wear it like a saree where one end goes right behind your back. This styling works great if you are going for a satin or chiffon made dupatta.

The Punjabi Style: Downright conservative, the Punjabi style of draping is a common sight at any North Indian weddings where the bride wears a lehenga. The dupatta in this case is one that carries heavy embellishment and the wrapping takes the very form of a shawl. Such a style is recommended for anyone who plans to go for a moderate to heavily embroidered dupatta and wants to flaunt as the highlight item.

source: looksgud
source: looksgud

The half saree look: Essentially a style-snatch-away from traditional South Indian dress wear, the half saree look imparts a subtle look. Here, you have the dupatta draping running over the shoulders while the other end of the cloth is tucked in the front at the waistline. To add a dash of creativity, you might as well add a few pleats at the front.

A cue from the Middle east: Immensely popular with traditional wedding in Middle East countries, the bride takes on the dupatta to cover her head draped over her head and pleats the garment from the very end to finish the draping around her waistline. A clever choice of styling if you are wearing a heavy tikli along with other jewellery on your wedding day.

Do it like the Gujratis : A classical choice of dressing for any Gujrati bride, the designer bridal lehenga is one of a kind with moderate embellishment. Here, the focus stays on the dupatta which is strategically placed right across the chest and is wrapped all the way with a heavy kamar-bandh. This creates a scope for the bride to either drape the clothing coming right across around her head or use a second piece of clothing that has a light lacework besides the primary dupatta.

designer lehenga online
source: southindiafashion

A trendier pick: One of the most sought after desi bridal looks with wearing latest bridal lehenga is the belted dupatta. Taking a cue from ancient weddings of South India, the lehenga is paired against a dupatta carrying heavy embroidery patterns and is sealed with a matching belt that runs a little above the waistline.

source: womansvilla
source: womansvilla

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