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Shilpa Shetty’s Mesmerising Looks in Beautiful Ethnic Attires

s1Do you know the name of the Bollywood star who loves going ethnic? Well, it is none other than Shilpa Shetty Kundra. She has amazed all of us ‘n’ number of times with her ethnic wears at various celeb parties and also at Film fares. Her favorite designers being Manish Malhotra, Payal Khandwala and Masaba. She dresses up like a pro and appears to be stunning and hot. Her audience as well as her other colleagues are left awe struck and startled after seeing her in her ethnic wears. Shilpa innovates her own fashion and she has ample amount of knowledge about dressing and accessories to match with it.

Engaging a brocade skirt with a bronze shirt

s2Well this appears to be a complete ethnic attire. She appeared in this princess like attire in one of the award ceremony. The red carpet might have flushed with her bewildering grace and charisma. She wore heavy junk jewelry to pair with her outfit. Her make up being perfectly done like a pro she appeared to be miss perfect.

A saree style skirt with a crop top

s3Did you ever give it a think that you can pair a saree patterned skirt with a crop top? If you didn’t then have a look at miss perfectionist from Bollywood. She goes viral with this outfit of hers. She turned out to be stunningly gorgeous and sensational. Even the top fashion enthusiasts were astounded at her profound appearance. She paired her outfit with some heavy and marvelous looking silver jewelry. Her golden heels were just the thing to turn everyone’s head.

An aristocratic white lehenga with a crop top of the same color makes a perfect duo

s4One of her exquisite collections, she appeared to be a modern goddess in this avatar. Both her lehenga and her crop top has the same color and design. Instead of that, she turned out to be classy and stately. Her dressing actually shows off her taste. She paired bold jewelry and accessories as her attire was thoroughly white. Her appearance made her receive comments like graceful and chic.

Peplum Kurti with dhoti pants

s5Who can think of wearing a peplum kurti? Thinking of it sends a chill down the spine. Shilpa Shetty Kundra was recently spotted wearing a neon colored peplum Kurti. To add more twist to the story she paired it with a dhoti like a pant. In addition, she even took a dupatta. Now, this was a mesmerizing view. This seemed to be a fashion which was just created by her in no time. She was appreciated for this awesome and amazing appearance of hers.

Was it an impressive and an innovative dressing sense of Shilpa Shetty Kundra? Was her unique dressing sense being able to inspire you? Do you want to mix and match both Indo and western wears in order to add an ethnic flavor to your dressing culture? Well, you can do so easily. You will appear to be mesmerizing and beautiful if you have the right dressing sense.

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