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Splash the color of life with Sareez!!

Each splashing Holi keeps a reminiscence of colorful story. Maybe something funny, playful, apprehensive or romantic!! We are looking out to hear from you and all feel the fun of colors all together.
Not just that, the lucky winner will drape an ethnic holi with Sareez!!  
What is the Contest?
We have a simple question for you… 🙂

What does Holi mean to you?

Share your answer in the comment box within 20 words and use the hashtag #lovesareez
Make your calendar red mark on 24th Feb 2017 as starting day of the contest and 5th March 2017 as the end day.
And the lucky day will be 6th March 2017 to check your luck story!! The winner will be asserted with a white  Kurti to drape this holi in ethnicity.
Sareez would love you to print this white ethnic canvas in colours of life. Happy Holi!! 


  1. Holi is a significant of Colour that has its own beauty and where you meet new people, see new faces and make new friends. Happiness of joy, laughter and friendship #lovesareez


  2. Days before Holi are like “Khushiyon ka mausam”, for me its a day even more romantic than valentines day.


  3. Bright colors of Holi diminish all the discriminations of caste and creed in society with spirit of joy, passion , enthusiasm.


  4. Holi transcends beyond just playing with water & colours with your specific set of friends & family members.The entire idea of so many strangers beyond caste, class & gender, participating in this festival & playing together, makes it special for me. It resembles India’s idea of unity in diversity #lovesareez


  5. Holi to me is all about re- visiting childhood craziness with
    family, friends and everyone around. It’s a day when
    the world turns as one and united through laughter of colours. #lovesareez


  6. Holi for me is playing with colours and enjoying fullest with my friends and family. It is the festival to spread happiness around by sharing love, unity and friendship. #lovesareez.


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