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Varied Types of Turban in India

Headgear as a topping style has trended fashionistas’, especially in an Indian wedding. It effortlessly interplays the ethnic man with a proposition of respect and authority.

A special from Punjab

Turban or Pagri is actually derived from dastar of Punjabi. However, their wedding turban is a bit different as matching to the attire of the groom. Pink or red is mostly considered for the wedding occasion.

The Long-Tailed Royal

Silk is undoubtedly a signature of royals. A monochrome silk turban with a long tail and a simple brooch fixed on it is perfect for the ethnic regal statement. Be it Sherwani, Jodhpuri suit or Bandgala you will always fetch to be on trending fashion.


This word specializes the Marwar tradition. Bandhej being the essence of Jaipur enshrines the Marwari groom on the D-day in red bandhej fabric. And sometimes it intertwines a monochrome fabric with accessory matching neckpiece or brooch.

Safa of Rajasthan

Elaborate embellishment makes sit distinctively. Totally depends on the attire. Ornamentation and the twisting of safa make it elaborate.

Kashmiri Tibi

The woolen ensemble of Ladhaki groom is well matched in a different pattern of turban called “Tibi”. It’s embellishment and patterning are totally distinctive. The crisscross tying and endorsed rope like features hanging from head to shoulder is a chic ethnicity.

Marathi & Gujarati Turban

Gujarathi turban is well embellished with Swarovski stone or beads or intricate designs. Often it is made in velvet turban or chandari fabric.

Marathi tutban are generally plane in pink or saffron hue.

Banarasi Padgi

Detailing the regality of benarasi fabric it is highly gorgeous with twisted turns on one side and layering on other. If you are planning to provoke a desi look with wedding suit and pant it seamlessly balances well. This also has an attribute of embroidered wedding turban.

For groom’s men

Satin pagri, Chandari turban, velvet embroidered pagri embellished in beads and other accessories are prevalent in wedding functions. Silk, plain turban, velvet, faux georgette, bandhej are some common fabric used in making of pagdi.

Mulamentho in silver bunch: Grooms from Himachal Pradesh covers their face with a bunch of silver threads attached with the front part of their turban. A necklace from of metal stripes holds the front part with the thread.

Meticulous layers of Mewari: This is smaller irrespective to other forms. It enthralls no twist only layers. Generally, comes in monochrome with a single stripe of embellished lace demarks the glory of the turban.

Taller with Jodhpuri turban: It is much steeper and fabric used in hard in texture. It gives an illusion of taller look for a shorter groom. The chest code sets well.

Valor with Peshwa: Designer turbans are depicting the authority and tradition in the appeal of contemporary. His headgear is a special feature for Peshwa Bajirao and trending would be grooms in a together different shape and style.

Tissue Turban: The lightest to carry and chic to look is its feature. It is simple yet trending.

Varied fashion: Assamese turban is made of the flower. Bengali’s wear topor. Manipuri gears with a golden braided white turban. Thus goes your basic info to buy wedding turban on this season………………….





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