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Highlights from Day 1 of Amazon India Fashion Week

One of the latest fashion weeks that have stirred much interest among fashion enthusiasts is the Amazon India fashion week. The highlights of the day 1 of the fashion week have some interesting styles on show for the fashion lovers. Ethnic wear dominated the show and people witnessed a blend of fashion and culture on the ramp.

The Handloom Show

The handloom show executed by the women weave and supported by the good earth stole the show and they were the ones to open the 29th edition of the AIFW. The show had successfully brought together thirteen major designers including Neeru Kumar, Nicobar, Urbasi kaur, 11:11, good earth, akaaro, antar-agni and many more. Various shades of pastels grey and whites are dominant on the ramp. The talented students of the handloom schools had created the ensembles and the overall designs and the color combinations were particularly pleasing to the eyes.

Novita Yunus and Jakarta Fashion Week

Indonesian designer Novita Yunus was present at the show and contributed to the show as well. She presented techniques of batik and eco prints in the fashion week. Her collection is called the Bumi and Lagit or earth and Sky. The colors and the inspiration of the collection are majorly influenced by the color palettes of autumn leaves and of winter. The outfits on display were the mix of kaftans, palazzos, and embroidered and traditional kebayas. The outfits were not unique and wearable on a daily basis but the color palette and the fabric that has been used make them stand out.

Madhu Jain Celebrates 30 years in the Fashion Industry

Veteran designer Madhu Jain was also present at the show and she celebrated 30 years of being in the fashion industry with a collection that celebrated her life long journey in the world of textiles and crafts. The evening was mesmerizing with the songs like “you look wonderful tonight” and “can’t help falling in love” in the background by the singer Raghav meattle. According to her, the emphasis of the fashion show being on crafts and textiles was at par with her principles which made the occasion even more special for her.

Abraham and Thakore

The designer duo showcased a new type of fashion buying format at the show this year. The collection that was on display on the ramp would be available at the stores of Delhi and Bangalore for sale as well soon enough. The hues that were being used majorly include ivory, black, madder and indigo.

Textiles from The Jharcrafts

They are the largest producers of tusshar and kuchai silk in India. The collection on display by them has some of the most gorgeous products for the first day. The collection displayed sarees in tushhar silk and kurtas that are made from Kuchas. They are made from one of the best organic fabrics available in Jharkhand and top designers across India were showcasing their collection here at the Amazon India fashion week, day one.

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