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AIFW 2017 Revives Indian Fashions Classical Aesthetics

Indian fashion has been always a significantly noted industry in the fashion world and it is very unique when compared with the rest of the world. The classical and traditional fashion of India has time and again been a very notable work in the artistry of any designer. The recent Amazon fashion week, an extravaganza across four days witnessed the work of 115 designers who are well known and all of whom came up with designs suitable for the Indian attires.

The Opening of the Fashion Week

The opening of the fashion week started with the celebration of the Indian weavers and handlooms and there was a wide variety of textiles across the country which was themed on Indian handloom. There were designers like akaro, antar-agni, eka, raw mango and the students of the handloom school. The first day of the show majorly promoted the handloom weavers across the country from states and cities like Chhattisgarh, Varanasi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and many more. The major aim of this year fashion week was to merge the traditional patterns and designs with the modern day handloom. Designers like Madhu Jain and Krishna Mehta who are noted for these particular methods in their work displayed their latest collections based on the same principle.

This year’s Amazon India Fashion Week was not just about launching new collections but also aimed at synergising traditional patterns with modern textile design.

The ‘Back To Work’ Collection

Another designer duo from Amazon, Abraham and Thakore displayed their collection which they called, “back to work” and the main aim of the collection was to come up with practical clothing options for both men and women for everyday work and other reasons. Their collection was cotton through and through and included traditional fabrics like jamdani saree from Bengal and ikat saree from Andhra. The collection and broke stereotypes as both men and women were adorning bindis as they walked the ramp and this was another aim of the collection and the designers.

Textiles From JHARKHAND

Another major attraction was the Jharkhand silk textile and handicrafts development corporation who added a grand element to the show with the collection and presence. The designers like Rina Dhaka, Shruti Sancheti, Divya and Ambika all showcased their collections which were themed and based on the rich fabric and handlooms of Jharkhand and were inspired by it. The major part of the collection included textiles like Tussar silk saree , kuchai silk, and other handloom fabrics from Jharkhand. There were sarees and even kurtas woven from this kind of fabrics in the collection that was exhibited. Garments from organic fabric further made these collections very notable.

The AIFW 2017 was not just about the showcasing of the exquisite works by the talented designers but it is also about the influential buyers. The “conscious exclusive” has a collection of exquisite pieces which are perfect for the new season and the collection consists of very individual pieces. The fashion lovers witnessed beautiful and very complete collections over the four days that were fresh, exclusive and luxurious. The grand finale witness Tarun Tilhani’s ready to wear collection. With a number of fashion lovers this year the AIFW was a very diverse display where modernity meets traditions.

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