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Wedding to Cocktail Party – Why handloom Sarees are the Best Choice

Sarees are one of the oldest and most versatile unstitched garments in the world. The six yard wonder is sensuous, graceful and the all-time favourite of most Indian women. Handloom sarees date back first to cotton fabrics weaved in the Mesopotamian civilization and many ancient epics describe the women as having worn woven clothes encrusted with gems.

Although we have moved on to different garments on a regular basis, sarees are what we prefer when it comes to occasions and parties, and of course, handloom sarees are the best way to dazzle!

Here’s looking at how handloom sarees will help rock any party or wedding.

As you all know, handloom sarees are woven by weavers and are known for their unique designs and gorgeous motifs. Finishing such sarees take time and the end result is totally worth it. Here are some popular Indian handloom sarees which you can wear for special occasions.


Chanderi sarees are available for daily wear as well as for occasions like parties and are usually woven from cotton and silk. Chanderi patterns look awesome and are suitable for all women of all ages. Chanderi sarees are subtle and their motifs are also woven by hand after careful designing of the patterns by the master weaver.

Kanjeevarams are indeed an investment and can be considered a work of art. Among the handwoven sarees, Kanjeevaram is one of the most expensive and attractive handloom silk sarees available, they are well suited for grand occasions like weddings. So go for this gorgeous work of silk for any occasion keeping in mind latest trends.

Banarasi Silks
The colorful threads and designs of the Benarasi sarees are a sight to behold and the modern twist involves incorporating pearls, sequins and borders. Benarasi sarees are trend setting and the current designs are all modern and fashionable making for great party wear.

Tussar Sarees

Tussar silks are the forte of tribals living in Eastern parts of India. It takes three complete days of toil for the tribal women to weave 10 meres of tussar silk cloth. Its low cost and natural elegance make it the ideal choice for any important occasion.

Here are some awesome handloom sarees online which you can purchase for various occasions.

This simple cotton handloom saree with the stylish blouse shows how handloom sarees which are simple can work wonders when draped the right way.


The right accessories, hairdo and makeup makes you look all elegant and rock the pre-wedding celebrations of your loved one!                                      

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