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Tanaya Das: The Woman leading the Saree Revolution in Australia

When Tanaya Das was a young kid, she used to sit for hours admiring her mother drape her beautiful handloom sarees and was hugely inspired by her collection. The little girl would then wrap herself in her mom’s sarees and have her warrior-princess moments. It is no doubt that this passion for sarees has led Tanaya to start a saree movement in Australia where she has settled down now.

Tanaya was always intrigued by the six yard wonder especially traditional handloom ones like Taants, Jamdanis, and Balucharis and draping them gave her immense pleasure. She says the saree bug bit her early and she always shops for her sarees roaming weaving clusters and the small dusty lanes of India’s villages.

Love for Traditional Sarees

It was when looking for online sarees that she realized how any Google search yielded results with thin models wearing sequined sarees and she was keen on breaking the mound. So she decided to celebrate all kinds of bodies and all varieties of sarees. According to her, sarees don’t discriminate. They can make any person with any kind of body, complexion or shape look good.

It is the living embodiment of celebrating a woman for what she is; a free size, and carefree, unisex piece of fabric! It was then that she began Pleats N Pallu’s whose narrative is focused on celebrating the latest sarees in all types of bodies.

It is a project that began in Australia to celebrate diverse woman in sarees. You can check out the Instagram page Pleats N Pallu or her blog page where woman in different sarees are featured. She is contacted all the time and can feel the saree revolution growing with more and more people wanting to be featured in her pages including firangs.

How does she do that? She periodically wears sarees at her workplace and for all special occasions, while travelling, partying and even to pubs. It’s no wonder that the rage is fast catching on!

Sarees with No Boundaries

So what types of sarees does she drape?

Most of of the sarees are her own, mostly vintage ones, gifted by loved ones. Most of the fabrics she chooses are natural ones, like silk and cotton and her heady mix of accessories, messy pleats, and unconventional draping styles ooze charm and confidence. She likes trying quirky ideas like a Banarasi with ripped jeans, Kanjeevaram with swimming tops and so on.

Do check out her Instagram page and you will be inspired by the collection of gorgeous colored weaves, saree designs worn by women of different races, sizes and shapes and will inspire you to go for one immediately. Do you want to try some of her latest saree designs? You can always shop for them online sarees at our site.

All images courtesy: Instagram/pleatsnpallu

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