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Monsoon Special: Best Daily wear sarees during Rainy Season

source: boldsky

After a long wait, the rain Gods are finally pleased. It’s officially monsoon time and we couldn’t be more relieved. But this season also brings a lot of concern over choosing the right daily wear considering all the mud and humidity we have to face on street. The concern is more important when it comes to choosing the right kind of saree most suitable for the rainy season. So here we are with a monsoon special style guide on the best sarees to wear this season. Read on.
Chiffon Sarees

Price: $80.61

Who doesn’t love chiffon? The fabric is chic, comfortable, sensuous (take a cue from all the 90’s Bollywood blockbuster monsoon songs) and quick to dry. All this makes chiffon a perfect choice of fabric for sarees. Don’t forget to choose bright colors to jazz up the city on cloudy mornings.
Georgette Sarees

Price: $36.95

Like chiffon sarees, georgette is another favorite choice for everyday wear during monsoon. The fabric compliments your femininity and you can experiment with various styles such as jacquard georgette, silk georgette or satin georgette. The smoothness of the fabric, its functionality, and optimal prettiness can bring a little sunshine to your regular routine even when its pouring cats and dogs outside.
Silk Sarees

Price: $54.79

When hovering over sarees online you’d hardly expect to consider silk for the monsoon. But here’s how you are wrong. Silk has its own set of advantages during the rainy season. Try light weight crepe silk or cotton silk for ease of use. Silk as a fabric tends to stay straight even when it’s soaked in rain and it’s quick to dry. Plus the lush that you’d get from a silk saree is perfect to stand out on a gloomy day.
Mul Sarees

source: rustorange

Mul as a fabric is softer than cotton but equally comfortable to wear. The material is ideal to absorb rain and sweat, making it a perfect go-to saree for regular wear during monsoon.

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