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Current Trends in Silk Salwar Suits

When you think of a traditional Indian attire, you immediately think of sarees. Well, Indian women certainly know how to carry off a saree. However, the truth remains,  saree isn’t very comfortable, especially if you have to run errands throughout the day. If there’s an event that requires you dress up in traditional attire, there could be nothing more comfortable than a salwar suit.

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Silk Salwar Suits or salwar kameez is as gorgeous and traditional as a saree, and is much more convenient as well. You wouldn’t have to worry about your saree coming loose or tripping. Now that Diwali is just around the corner, you must be wondering what to wear. You need something that is apt for the special occasion, but also something that allows you to get on with your daily chores. These are some popular trends in silk salwar kameez.

  • Dhoti salwar suits – Well, these are not exactly like the dhoti, but resemble the attire to a certain extent. The salwar suit is loose all the way from the waist to the ankle, and is flared at the bottom. To highlight the beauty of the dhoti style suit, you should keep the top short. If you’re choosing silk suits, then solid colours with embroidery would be perfect for the dhoti style suits.
source: Pinterest
  • Churidar silk suits – If you really want something classy and traditional, go for the churidar style. This is something that has been around for ages, and you can never go wrong with it. Every Indian woman knows what a churidar is – the folds at the bottom make it look like bangles, thus giving them their name. We suggest that you pair these up with something long, to make you look all the more graceful.

  • Patiala salwar suit – This originates from Punjab in India, and looks really good if you pair it correctly. The salwar suit in this case is almost as loose as the dhoti style, just not as flared. These are extremely comfortable, and can even make you look slim. Plus, you can team them up with a gorgeous top and a stylish dupatta along with some traditional Indian jewellery to complete the look. Jootis are back in fashion these days; and guess what, patialas look really good with brightly coloured jootis.

  • Harem salwar suits – This is the new trend on the block – one that has taken the fashion world by storm. These are loose, free flowing pants that are really comfortable and airy. They’re loose even around the ankles. You should team them up with tight short kurtas and some stylish junk jewellery to complete the look. Also, try to wear flats or sandals with the harem designer silk suits.
source: Pinterest
  • Afghani salwar suit – These are salwar suits which are a lot similar to the dhoti suits, but they have pleats in the front. You can pair these with gorgeous, printed or embroidered tops to give it that x factor.
source: fashionlady

These are five common trends that would look great this Diwali. So what are you waiting for?

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