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Anarkali Suit Styles You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

If flowy and regal are your thing, an Anarkali is what you’re looking for. They transform you and make you look like you’re right out of a Mughal court. They’re also comfortable to wear. Based on the occasion you’re wearing it to, you can pick an Anarkali that’ll suit the mood and ambience of it. They have one basic common factor of complementing your curves on the upper part of your body and then being flowing chest down. The best thing is that it suits women of all shapes and sizes and complements every body type well. This article will tell you all you need to know about Anarkali Salwar Suit styles that will be a great addition to your ethnic collection.

The Traditional One

This is the usual cut, with the hemline going up to almost your ankles or till a little above them. This is your go to option if you’re not the experimenting kind. They are simple and yet can make a big statement.

The Jacket Anarkali

source: zikimo

This kind essentially has a jacket which can be attached to the main garment or separate. They are in contrasting colors. To emphasize on the jacket cut, wear your hair in a bun. This is one of the anarkali suit designs that never go out of fashion.

Layered Anarkalis

For the perfect twirling boomerang video or picture. Layered anarkalis are the best. The multiple layers give the outfit a very bouncy feel. The moment to turn or twirl, the anarkali will also move in a gorgeous manner, making everyone take note. Save these for very special occasions and wear fitting accessories with it.

Floor Length Anarkalis

For the ultimate regal look, floor anarkalis are the best option. They allow the makers to put intricate designs and space for design. They are perfect for traditional occasions and also for cocktail parties.  

Asymmetrical Hemline or Tail-cut Anarkalis

One of the latest designer anarkali suits, these are a modern twist to the traditional piece of clothing. A high low hemline. With the back longer than the front, is a fun twist which retains the traditional elements but gives the anarkali a whole new look.

Bollywood Styles

Almost all actresses have adorned Anarkalis at some point. If you want to look like your favorite actress, an occasion like Diwali is perfect. All you need to look for is Bollywood anarkali suits online and you will get a wide range to pick from.

Anarkalis are graceful and elegant. They can be worn with ease to a number of occasions and they suit all kind of body shapes due to its flared structure. You can also flaunt all your ethnic jewels with anarkalis. Look online if you want to buy anarkali suits at low price.

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  1. Layered anarkalis with front or side slit is my favorite Anarkali style.
    Honestly, anarkalis, no matter what style you pick, always look good. There’s no doubt about that.
    What do you suggest?


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