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Stunning Mirror-Work Lehengas To Swoon!

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It’s necessary to be smart while choosing your lehenga designs. Looking sassy or subdued lies mainly in the smart seamless design tricks you choose to adapt.

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One such element that gives simple lehenga designs a ravishing makeover is none other than mirrors. Mirrors add up that uniqueness that none other fabric can do!

Adding up mirrors to an ethnic ensemble rounds up your look not just like an ordinary girl but as a vibrant diva.

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To look all the more breathtaking and resplendent, get to look at some of the inspiring lehenga designs of the times, decorated with mirror just for you to take cues from.

Sporadic Mirrors on White

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White and undertones of white are always classy and appealing to the eye.  What if few mirrors are decoratively stitched in sporadic way and in various sizes on it?

This makes your overall look extra-glam with intricate mirror placements. If you’re not an abs person, then you can wear a bit longer corset or pair it up with a chic-sleeveless choli, to give an even effect of mirror-work all throughout your body.

An open hair and a dab of kohl on the lower eyelid with a pair of silver Jhumkas are sure to uplift the mood of your attire.

Just ‘Mirrored’

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Oh-so-glam gorgeous chiffon lehenga choli in half-white and navy blue border with small to big sized mirror all over gives oomph to this Desi look.

You can buy such type of lehengas online or you can get the mirrors separately and get it stitched.

Pump up this look with fashionable beige coloured stilettos to stand tall from among the crowd.

Minimal is mostly in fashion. Try going minimal and look your best that way!

Mirrors Blocks on Black

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Add a touch or sparkle or glimmer over a black background, you’re sure-fire to standout in it.

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A netted lehenga style gown with an attached choli above looks ethereal and spell-bound. You can also pair up your plain black-net-lehenga with a corset, fully studded with mirror, adding shimmer to it. Do not go deep neck, a boat-neck not only makes you look sophisticated but adds class to your overall style.

Block your onlooker’s eyes with these blocks of mirrors!

Flowy Mirrors

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Chic Mirrors on pretty flowy lehengas looks soothing and uber. Usually colours like half-white, white, undertones of grey, blue and black with mirrors spread on it not only spikes up the oomph effect to steal thunders but makes your fashion sense more ‘unique’.

Prachi desai’s jacket over the chic choli blouse looks sassy, definitely!

Basra’s Blue Mirrored Wedding Lehenga

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Chiselled Punjabi looks and endowed with sharp facial features- Geeta Basra looks not-less-than-gorgeous in this blue-mirrored-lehenga. Classy mirror in various shapes stuck to her lehenga looks like stars on a night sky!

With long choli and its quarter sleeve with criss-cross mirrors looks chic.

source : google

Hope you’ve got some cues as how to go about. If you shop for online lehengas or hop from one store to another for lehengas – get a mirrored one for sure to nail one of these gorgeous looks.

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