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Try Out These 14 Gorgeous Traditional Sarees of Different States

Being a glorious epicentre of heritage fashion, elegance, and colorfulness, India is largely recognized for its diversity in various things and also as an epitome of unity in just the most inclusive of ways that leave people spellbound all over the world.

India’s everlasting ethnic clothing styles are crafted in multiple layers of fabrics, handwork, prints, accessories, embroidery, embellishments, wearing styles, beauty which have sustained through many decades and are just among those stuffs that differentiate parts of India from each other as every part is knotted through a particular way of life.

Needless to say, Indian fashion industry has definitely gone through a number of transformations and it is a perfect blend of dynamic conventions bringing out the subtlety and aesthetic beauty and has become more coeval as per with the global scenario of fashion.

But one thing that never goes out of trend though it’s the oldest form of garment, still it binds us all through threads of sheer beauty, elegance, tradition and sophistication is the always enchanting, integral and cardinal outfit ‘Saree’ and our enormous love for it. In case of saree no state lags behind and it almost typifies every women, allures their attention and displays the vast religious and cultural diversity of India as a whole. In saree you can throw glamour all around with it’s unparalleled delegacy, grace and charm without seeing age as a barrier, hence, it is rightfully a cherished heirloom for you carrying culture and deep emotions within its fold. has gathered for you a list of 14 regional traditional sarees that you would love to wear and that absolutely must be in your closet.

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Here is a rundown of the various evergreen, omnipresent sarees found in different Indian states that add up charm to the Indian cultural heritage. Make sure you take a sneak-peek here.

1) Tant Saree– Tant means ‘Made on the Loom’ so, these are traditional Bengali style saree used as daily outfits made by the weavers. Their specialty is the light fabric, that’s why they are comfortable and easiest to carry in the hot summers. This is also referred as Bengal cotton and is a true Bengali masterpiece highlighted by the thick, dark border and attractive prints make it a must worn attire.

Tant Saree

2) Banarasi Saree– As the name suggests Banarasi Sarees are made in the adorable city of Varanasi. These are one of the finest sarees in India and made of finely woven silk and especially known for their spectacular gold and silver zari embroidery or motifs on pure silk. These sarees show their intricate detailing in royalty, richness and splendor. So, they must be in your wardrobe to dazzle it up.

Banarasi saree

3) Kanjeevaram Saree– Kanjeevaram Saree basically originated from Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. These are purely hand woven from fine mulberry silk thread, made by the classic weavers of Kancheepuram. These sarees popular bridal ensemble in southern India and has been recognized for its rich zari work, vibrant colors and excellent temple pattern borders, gold borders, traditional designs, and dense fabric in contrast colors. When you are looking for a classy ethnic option, these are the perfect outfit choice.

Kanjeevaram saree

4) Chikankari Saree– One of the most popular and best-known textile decoration styles, Lucknow’s Chikankari is a traditional embroidery style in which sarees are adorned with sophisticated and beautiful thread work. Chikankari is especially done on lighter fabrics to highlight designs/patterns of the embroidery made with silk and colored threads. This saree is truly looks miraculous on every woman.

Chikankari saree

5) Gota Saree– Gota Patti Sarees originally came from Rajasthan. Gota work is a type of Indian metal embroidery in which the applique technique is used where on fabric, tiny pieces of zari ribbon are applied with the edges sewn down to create intricate and elaborate patterns of Gota Patti.These are extensively used in wedding and as formal clothes and shows royalty and glorious heritage of Rajasthan.

Gota Saree

6) Bandhani Saree– Bandhani sarees are made from a tie dye textile process where it is tied in knots first then the bright and vibrant colors are filled either by hand and with natural colors which gives it a unique look and the colour, technique,variety used in these are highly decorated. Bandhani Sarees are generally made from different fabrics like chiffon, crepe, cotton, silk, and georgette and being sold all over India especially during the festive and summers as they’re very light and perfect.

Bandhani Saree

7) Kalamkari Saree– Kalamkari Saree, produced mainly different South Indian regions, is one of the most ancient artistic creation made entirely by pen (kalam) on fabric using natural dyes, and so the name has derived. Srikalahasti style and the Machilipatnam style are two different styles of kalamkari art in India. Highly Inspired by Hindu mythology, ancient caves, and sculptures, Kalamkari sarees are recognizable for their hand-painted designs, specific drawing styles and now for their printed colourful and eclectic patterns. It just looks beautiful on you.


8) Phulkari Saree– Phulkari literally translates to ‘flower work’ which further means thread work in bright hues in the shape of flowers so, it is an embroidery technique from Punjab and mostly used during festivals and marriages. The most favoured colour of this embroidery method is red and its shades and is usually done on either cotton blends or khadi fabrics. It made its first debut in the legendary Heer-Ranjha story and has been there ever since atleast in the popular form of dupattas.

Kalamkari Saree

9) Sambalpuri Saree– Sambalpuri Saree is Orissa’s famous traditional handloom sarees, produced mainly in Sambalpur. Generally crafted with coarser cotton or silk yarn, it is created with the tie-dye method as yarns are tied and dyed before weaving to achieve enchanting patterns and reflects an original style of craft made from handloom woven fabric which has a typical Ikhat weave. These complex weave sarees do not easily wrinkle, hence, they are great for all weather and look amazing on women of all ages.

Sambalpuri Saree

10) Kasavu Saree– Kasavu Saree, a traditional clothing from Kerala, consists of two pieces of cloth. It is an extension from the mundu saree made in off-white or cream colour with a solid color and golden zari border, especially worn during the festival of Onam and wedding seasons in the state. These saree is now famous worldwide and is renowned for its minimalistic beauty, simplicity and elegance.

Kasavu Saree

11) Paithani Saree– Paithani Sarees are handwoven fine silk originated from Paithan town in Aurangabad. These sarees are recognised among the richest sarees in India as they are grandeur and elegant. Its zari border, peacock design, fine crafts and motifs distinguish it from other sarees.

Paithani Saree

12) Leheriya Saree– Leheriya means ‘wave-like’ and it’s almost same as Bandhani as this is also made with a simple tie-and-dye technique, but follows a slightly different style. The cloth is tied in a different way while going through the dyeing process and that’s how the lehariya pattern is formed and goes diagonally along the edges of the saree. It represents the uniqueness and richness of Rajasthan.

Leheriya Saree

13) Chanderi Saree– Chanderi Saree belongs to Chanderi town of Madhya Pradesh made from pure silk, chanderi cotton and golden and silver zari woven together which gives it lighter than a feather kind of lustrous fabric known as silk cotton. It is popular for its gold and silver brocade which makes it a royal sheen and elegant looking. It’s light, extra soft fabric makes it easy to wear and an art in itself.

chanderi saree

14) Georgette Saree– Georgette Sarees are made from sheer, crepe fabric named Georgette which has originally came from France.These are highly durable, versatile and quite light attire that support almost every print, colour and design.These are made from semitransparent net silk, involves a special twist of the thread to give supreme strength. These sarees also allow heavy embroidery, making them ideal for party, weddings and occasional wear in which women choose heavily embellished versions.

Georgette Saree

We hope now you know some famous types of sarees, their fabrics, and the latest trends from various states. I said ‘some’ as many more kinds of sarees, designs, crafts and work are there, which is impossible to cover the vast cultural richness in one go. So, now don’t you want to wear all of them? How many of the above one do you actually own? And which saree is going to make a place on your first? Don’t forget to let us know by commenting below!

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