Salwar Kameez

Latest Salwar Kameez and Churidar Kameez 2010

Buy latest churidar salwar kameez online at Fresh from the factory, unique and appealing design, trendy and fashionable.Read More….

Cheap Cotton Salwar Kameez within 20 USD – Worldwide Shipping introducing a new range of cheap cotton printed salwar kameez collection. Excellent fabric quality, different designer prints. Look stunning in this summer with these comfortable cotton Shalwar Suits.Read More….

How to Stitch a Salwar Kameez

A salwar kameez is a traditional Indian garment consisting of a long tunic top and pants. Making a Salwar kameez is a profession like any other profession. No one is perfect so there are no formulas or standard pattern or standard measurement procedures.Read More….

Different Salwar Kameez Patterns and Styles

There are few things, which are inseparable parts of the Indian image. Some imageries like Clothes, food, sights and smell, make up the charm of this country. Read More….

New Salwar Kameez and Churidar Kameez Collection

Yet again we we are introducing new stylish salwar kameez and churidar kameez with variety of colors, styles, fabrics and attractive price range. So, grab one for yourself till stock is available. Visit Sareez to buy one. Read More….

Latest Salwar Kameez Designs

Salwar kameez is the most important outfit for any occasion. It is all depend on latest salwar kameez designs and style which is on that suits the personality. In selecting the latest salwar kameez for the occasion,there are several things that have to be noted down. Read More….

Heavily Embroidered Designer Shalwar Kameez

Buy Heavily Embroidered Designer Shalwar Kameez Online Read More….

How to buy Salwar Kameez Online

The history of salwar kameezes goes back to as far as the 20th century when the Islamic Turko-Iranian rule and Mughal rule was in India, Pkaistan and Bangladesh. Thanks to their influence, Indians started wearing the formerly unknown salwar kameez. Read More….

Dupattas ; a beautiful salwar dupatta to complement your beauty

Indian traditional dress is the most elegant dress in the wardrobe of every woman. If one can carry the attire neatly and nicely it is the best outfit. Among the dresses salwar-kameez is the most commonly used garments by the Indians. Read More….

Evergreen Salwar Kameez for Brides

For an Indian bride, salwar kameez form an indispensable part of her wedding trousseau. Of all the traditional Indian dresses, the salwar kameez provides just the right blend of comfort and style. Read More….

Patiala Salwar Kameez – Punjabi Ethnicity

Patiala salwar kameez are taking the fashion world by storm nowadays. Their stunning silhouette has swept away hearts of many women. Loose fitting, comfortable yet fashionable is their eye catching part. Read More….

Indian Salwar Kameez, Churidar Kameez – Our Ethnicity, Our Pride

The fame and comfort of the Indian salwar kameez has reached such astounding heights that most of the fresh breed designers have started channelizing a chief portion of their ingenious abilities to give this ensemble a novel look. Read More….

Salwar kameez, Churidar Salwar Kameez – Meeting Point of Grace and Feminism

Salwar Kameez has been one of the most elegant and sophisticated Indian attire for the women of all age groups. India is distinctive for its dressing styles in both regional and religious variations and stands as a prominent nation with ample of discernable colors, textures, and styles. Singe ages, shalwar kameez is considered to be superb wear for any occasion and event. Read More….

Ideal party wear Sarees And Salwar Kameez to pamper yourself

In India, there is no lack of celebration times and for every gathering you must be in need of lovely dresses to flaunt. There is abundance of attires for fashion in India like saree, salwar kameez; lehenga and so on. Read More….

Indo-Western Salwar Kameez; Combination of East and West

Salwar kameez suits with what ever body structure you have, whether you are skinny, tall or short, plump. This is a dress for the Punjabi’s but that does not mean that only the Punjabi girls only can use this dress. Read More….

Churidar Salwar Kameez – Your Wardrobe Beautification

Churidar salwar kameez has been quite a rage among Indian women since a long time. The young and the old prefer this chic and graceful outfit even in the fast moving modern world of today. Read More….


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